One Bite at A Time


Make an appointment

A 50-minute consultation with Lisa via Zoom or Face2Face. You’ll receive coaching and teachings around food intolerances, eating habits, binge eating, fatigue, etc. You get practical information and guidelines that fit into your life. Each session costs €95

Come Home to Yourself

I’m inviting you to Come Home to Yourself, by connecting with your body and your heart through a 2 hour practical experience.

3-month personalised program

Twice a month 90minutes coaching and daily follow up. You want a transformation tailored to your needs. Includes nutritional advice, emotional wellbeing teachings and mindset coaching.

Group program – Stop de Eetstrijd, herwin je vrijheid

You want to feel good in your skin. You are tired of dieting, following food rules and criticizing yourself. The support of a community with like-minded souls makes the journey less lonely.

Healty and tasty

Digital Recipe Book

What can I eat when I have intolerances? Can I still eat nice food when I need to eat dairy, gluten, sugar or lectin free? This digital recipe book contains 70 easy recipes to inspire you.


People Said

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“I have regained my confidence in healthy eating. Lisa has shown me that you can still enjoy good food while taking your food intolerances into account.”

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” Lisa has an empathetic and direct manner. This makes me feel addressed and allows me to tell my story in an open and relaxed way. She also responds to my questions and gives practical, tangible answers. Lisa also stays positive and encouraging (with a smile!).
I like that she comes up with recipes, not all at once, but step by step so that the adjustment can also happen systematically. The fact that she provides some theoretical background information is important to me: it sharpens motivation. And last but not least: I now love her recipes … “

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I met Lisa through Dr Hajji. These are my 2 saviours! I suffered for many years from intestinal disturbances, then for a few years from unbearable joint pain and extreme fatigue preventing me from working. Thanks to Lisa, we were able to deal with food intolerances and how to manage food, cooking, meal preparation. I have been alive since… I have regained my energy, I have no more pain, I can work and have a normal active life. Thank you very much Lisa