One Bite at A Time

3-month Personalised Program

Invest in yourself and your transformation

Your pain points:

  • You’ve lost the connection with your body
  • You’re tired and lack energy
  • You experience digestive issues and many small pains
  • You don’t trust yourself

The solution

A personalised program for 3 months

  • Personalised package
  • Daily coaching via What’s app
  • 2 coaching sessions of 90 minutes per month
  • Teachings about nutrition
  • Emotional wellbeing teachings
  • Documents & exercises
  • Expert knowledge
  • Lifelong access

Invest and change your life now

3 payment options

  • Monthly: 3x € 950
  • 1 shot: € 2.565 (discount of 10%)
  • 6-month payment plan: € 475

Ready to do this journey together?

Client Feedback

Quote - Rood


I have regained my confidence in healthy eating. Lisa has shown me that you can still enjoy good food while taking into account your food intolerances.

Quote - Rood


Lisa gives a lot of information that you can use and offers you alternatives. This makes it easier to stick to your diet. She will do everything to help you as good as possible.

Quote - Rood


Lisa is a very special nutritionist; her advice and her work structure are very motivating. She teaches you special, delicious, and healthy recipes according to the needs … I recommend her 100% …