One Bite at A Time

In a stressful world where people: don’t feel good in their skin, use food to numb their emotions, and are (chronically) ill, I bring healing by combining nutritional-, emotional-, and mindset coaching.


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Since 2020 I’ve helped over 130 people (just like you) find their way to a healthy lifestyle and heal by combining food, emotional well-being, and mindset coaching. Now it’s your turn to experience it!


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Helped over 130 people since 2020

3 professional partnerships

Over 250 recipes developed

Referred and Interviewed by Digiburn


Why our approach works


“Lisa is an enthusiastic caring professional, with whom I always feel heard and seen as a client. She shares her professional knowledge with grace and empathically searches together for answers to questions that are not so obvious. She recommends things without being intrusive. She is very systematic and punctual in passing on preparatory information. Her follow-up with the sharing of relevant documents and tailoring to personal needs is also excellent! Lisa is highly recommended for anyone looking for personalised solutions that are not easily found through traditional dietetics.”


“I have experienced Lisa as a very nice nutritionist. A tailor-made programme for intolerances with lots of recipes and especially practical tips and tricks. She also helped me to get into a realistic mindset: After a diagnosis you don’t have to change everything from one day to the next, but you can give yourself the time and space to adopt new habits step by step. Thank you for all. your help!”


“Lisa is a motivated nutritionist who guides you in a structured and clear way through all the topics of your diet and nutrition. She gives the information in a pleasant and understandable way that is personalised to your intolerances and your living and eating habits. At the end of the series you will be much wiser and independent in order to maintain your diet with the right information and motivation. Highly recommended!”


“The nutritional advice of Lisa helped me through a difficult period in my life. Food in every sense means a lot to me and when quite a number of intolerances hit in, Lisa helped me with getting my “food habits” back on track. She not only provided guidance, explaining what food was doing to my body and brain she also shared delicious new recipes which are now day of my day-to-day food life.”


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One Bite at A Time Recipe Book

What can I eat when I have intolerances? Can I still eat nice food when I need to eat dairy, gluten, sugar or lectin free? This digital recipe book contains 70 easy recipes to inspire you.