Yesterday I hosted the third Come Home to Yourself experience. This time it took place at Acupuncture practice Yidong. I feel I have finally found a location where the energy matches what I want to bring: mindfulness, mindful eating and nervous system healing exercises to rewire your unconscious habits and live more in flow

During and after the session I felt truly at peace. I was able to teach from my own experience and from my heart. It felt aligned and deeply nourishing to my soul. 

The participants could taste what it feels like to slow down and move from their head into their body. I created a sense of calm by teaching and showing them how to embody some mindfulness principles:

  • Pay attention on purpose
  • Be in the now 
  • Be non judgemental 

First we connected to our body by doing some gentle movements. We were making the transition from what they were doing before to the moment of being in the room together. 

Then I explained the nervous system and our range of resonance. How our system is trying to keep us safe and by broadening our resonance we can make different choices in life that are more optimal for our body. Working with the nervous system impacts all our areas in life: our relationships, our health, our habits, our finances, etc. 

We moved into a mindful eating exercise where I first gave some more information on the 9 hungers before moving into the “stomach hunger”. Where I guided them in a meditation to connect to their stomach, eating a snack, connecting to their stomach, eating a snack (so alternating). They realised that the stomach wanted much less volume if they could pay attention to it. They felt more satisfied as they ate more slowly. 

To conclude I guided them in a loving kindness meditation to bring in a peaceful, warm and calming feeling to take with them home. We are all connected in this world. So when we work on ourselves and we make a change it creates a ripple effect out to other people in our lives. With this meditation we first send love to ourselves, then to a loved one, afterwards to people we feel neutral about, then to a person we have negative feelings about and we conclude by sending love to a chosen community. 

I just love organising these sessions, it makes my heart sing!!

Some feedback from the participants were that they really enjoyed it, that it brought them a sense of calm and that the sessions could last longer.