One Bite at A Time

Come Home to Yourself

Lisa - Come Home to Yourself
I’m inviting you to
Come Home to Yourself,
a 2 hour experience to connect again with your body and your heart.

Lisa – One Bite at A Time

I’m guiding and teaching you meditation, mindful eating and nervous system exercises. My approach is simple, light and joyful. 

After this session you’ll feel regenerated on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

We’ll take this practice in small, intimate groups to create a safe energetic space to discuss, exchange and have open conversations.

Do you need:


  • A moment of selfcare

  • A safe, intimate group 

  • Practical tools to take home

  • Cultivate self-awareness

  • A gentle & soft approach

  • Get out of your head

  • Connect to the needs of your body

  • Feel energised and at choice

  • Cultivate safety in the body to expand your life and rewire old habits

  • Detect when your inner critic is present