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Over the last 3 years we’ve helped over 130 men and women to feel healthy again, to feel good in their skin, full of confidence with plenty of energy. How? By giving them the tools to change and transform their lives.
Now it’s your turn to experience the same. The only question remains: are you ready for it?

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Journey About My Self

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Zodiac Sign

Tarus Sun, Aries Moon, Leo Rising

Human Design

4/6 Manifestor

Favorite workout

Yin Yoga, Warm Strech & Cardio yogay

Morning Ritual?

Keto Coffee, meditation & walking the dog

favorite Food

Depends on the season, Belgian World Food, Michelin Restaurant a couple of times in year

Favorite Book?

The giant peach by Roald Dahl
Eat, Pray, love by Elisabeth Gilbert

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My Personal Story

Let me tell you first a bit about myself. My name is Lisa, I’m 34 years old. I’m living in Brussels with my sweetheart, Benjamin, my son Louis and our dog Roxy. My fascination for food started in my early childhood at my grandparents’ house in the vegetable garden. My grandpa explained me how to sow and harvest and my grandma taught me how to cook.

During puberty, while living at boarding school I encountered a different experience with food. Since I did not enjoy the cooking there, I ate the bare minimal. Initially I just lost a couple of extra kgs. Something innocent turned into an eating disorder, where I was extremely controlling my weight, what I eat or did not eat and the amount I exercised. I combined this with working harder and harder for school. Classic criteria for anorexia.

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